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SATAMAPAIKKA.COM is an online booking service launched in June 2013 which gives the boaters and sailers the opportunity to book a guest berth from a destination harbour in advance. By booking a berth you can avoid the unnecessary rush and early mornings. After the booking is done, a clearly marked berth is waiting for you at the desired time in the guest harbour. Especially on high season this service gives you a great benefit if you want to ensure a berth e.g. for a weekend in a particular guest harbour.

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With the same credentials you can book a berth from numerous guest harbours.

BOOKING A GUEST BERTH service aims to enable better possibilities for visits to different guest harbours. A trip via multiple guest harbours can be planned and berths booked and paid in advance. Sailor/boater will also know what type of berth to expect and he gets a separate reservation confirmation of every booking  which clearly indicates the correct position of the guest berth in the harbour. Some guest harbours also offer a variety of extra services through service, e.g. possibility to book a sauna or dinner in advance.


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SEASON BERTH BOOKING service offers now also season berth booking possibility within our partner harbours.  You can use service to avoid the usual bureaucracy and queuing for a season berth.

Browse through our partner harbours offerings on season berths, pick the one that suits you best and book&pay the season berth online right away without any extra hassle.

Our offering with season berths grows all the time. Remember to check our sites regularly in case you need a place for your new boat or want to change the existing season berth to another location or better suitable for your boat!

Interested in partnering up your harbour with service? keeps constantly looking for new partner harbours to co-operate with and develop harbour functions while taking in consideration the harbour profile and traditions.


    Initiation of the service is fast&easy.
    We offer you an advanced ERP whereby you can control your harbour functions.

Whether your harbour is a newcomer or already a traditional harbour with amenities


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